Common Air Conditioning Problems

Do you remember when your parents yelled this phrase at you “Close that door, I’m not trying to cool down the whole neighborhood” when you left an outside door open on a hot day? Most kids probably thought their parents were being dramatic, but there is some truth to this problem. Inefficient cooling is one of the major problems for air conditioners because your home is a closed circuit.

If you want your home cooled, your ac unit begins cycling cold air through the house to take out hot air and reach the temperature you want. But when an outside door is opened, especially on a hot day, extra hot air comes into the house and makes your AC work harder to manage all that hot air. That means it takes longer to get to the temperature you want and your AC works harder and longer, which can drive up the bill.

Keeping the area small and the temperature managed will mean that your air conditioner works less and cools you off faster without the extra workload. Sometimes the most common problems are because a circuit or a fuse blew, so check those and allow the unit to cool down before you start it up again.

Other Risks for your System

Other reasons your air conditioner could use the services of an ac repairman include troubles related to the machine itself. Sometimes it can be installed wrong, or not maintained by the homeowner. If it isn’t put into your home correctly, the performance will suffer. The refrigerant, or the stuff that flows through your home to make the AC work, is also prone to problems. Sometimes it can be over or under-filled, which impacts how well it will work.

The refrigerant can leak out, and while adding more might seems like a good idea, it can make the problem worse. If you suspect leaking refrigerant, then you should find a technician to repair the leak and ensure it won’t happen again before charging more refrigerant into the machine.

Second, make sure that the vents, ducts, and filters are all properly cleaned and free of dust and mold. Giving them a throughout deep clean around once a month is pretty standard, because if they are kept dirty your ac has to work harder, is less efficient, and is more prone to giving out. Check those and make sure they are part of the tasks you do when you clean your house.

Size does matter

Finally, in order to make sure your AC isn’t overworked, be sure to get the right size for your home. Bigger isn’t always better, and having a too big or too small machine can be a big problem. You don’t want the unit working harder than it has too to keep a space cool, so go for a machine that is just right in order to mitigate the risks.

Research the things you’ll need to look out for, and then you’ll have an ac unit that will live a long life.