Essential Home Repair Services Near You

This is a short info-oriented help you note for all interested readers. You are a home owner, but you could also be a tenant who needs urgent repairs and maintenance work done on your premises or apartment. Downstairs from you, you also have your own garage. The problem is, after staying on the complex for the last couple of years, the garage door is giving you hassles. Worse still, the property administrators have been slow to respond to your request for service.

So, what to do then? Here’s what I did. I took the bull by the horns and took action. It was easy enough to locate a garage door repair near me. And within hours of contacting the service, repairmen arrived on the premises, exactly as agreed. They inspected the door. And then they fixed it. The quotation they handed over seemed to be reasonable, but that was of no concern to me. Because now the real action was about to start.

garage door repair near me

The body corporate committee member was reminded of her responsibilities on behalf of all the building’s tenants. So far, no good. She did not respond to the tenant’s request to have his garage door fixed. There is also the question of the complex’s entry and exit gates on its perimeters not being serviced regularly. Which is why they do not operate one hundred percent as they should. The door repair company’s invoice was forwarded to the property owner.

They now have exactly thirty days in which to reimburse the tenant. And if they do not do so as they should, they will be taken to the civil claims court. No such luck for the homeowner because all repair, maintenance and remodeling expenses is for his or her own account.