The Shocking Benefits of a Lightning Rod

Lightning rods are one of the best defenses for a home that might suffer the danger of lightning strikes, as they instantly catch the charge and guide it towards the ground. It helps to make damage to your home electrical system much less than if the bolt had hit an undefended household. Installing a lightning rod can help eliminate the danger of lightning strikes, and they’re actually quite easy to install when you need lightning rod installation for my house aurora co.

Keep in mind, just because you have a lightning rod doesn’t mean that your house will suddenly become an electromagnet. It’s just a passive defense mechanism that’s good to have just in case it’s needed. They often come with four parts: The rod itself, a surge arrestor that stops your homes electrical system from overloading, secondary conductors to keep the power from overflowing, and ground terminals to complete the path and drive the bolt to the earth. Then it’s dissipated harmlessly. Remember that lightning always takes the path of least resistance, and a lightning rod is one of the easiest paths out there for a bolt.

lightning rod installation for my house aurora co

Companies can help you get the system installed, and can even suggest changes in landscaping and property management to reduce the risk even further. They can remove tall tree limbs, flag poles, and other taller items that can draw lightning to them, and even tell you about the risk of lightning strikes depending on where you live.

Having a lightning rod installed can prevent power outages and the problems that go along with them, and can also keep your electronics, wiring, and properties safe from the damage a lightning strike can cause. So consider having one installed if you live in a storm-prone area or just want the extra protection because it can be really helpful.